A landlord can raise rent once every 12 months for as long as the tenant remains in the unit. A landlord must give at least 90 days notice in writing of any rent increase, or the tenant does not have to pay the increase, but is still responsible for the monthly rent. A landlord cannot refuse the idea of subletting, but can refuse to allow you to sublet to a specific person if they have a good reason. Want to know more ? Call us now on 905-276-8888

Real Estate

Real Estate Agreement - Did you know it is the lawyer’s responsibility to make sure you are getting what you are paying for? Mortgage - Banks rely on lawyers to guarantee that the security for the loan to you is perfectly legal in every respect. Did you know builders of new homes contain a lot options that you will not see in a resale offer. You usually have less room to negotiate these options. We can help you decide. Want to know more ? Call us now on 905-276-888


Child Support – Will I pay or receive child support? How much? For how long? Child Custody & Access – Will I get child custody? If I do not, how often will I see my children? Spousal Support – Will I pay or receive spousal support? How much? How long? Want to know more ? Call us now on 905-276-8888 Want to know more ? Call us now on 905-276-888


Who will act as your Estate's Executor and Alternate Executor? Are there any important items or heirlooms you wish to make special provision for? Do you have any assets that will require specific planning or management? Want to know more ? Call us now on 905-276-8888


If a worker dies from a workplace disease or accident, his or her spouse may be entitled to a survivor’s lump sum payment and a lifetime pension. Workers or their families can make a compensation claim for consider after they have left the company, retired from the company or passed on – even if their employer has changed or shut down operations. Accommodating workers promptly after an injury reduces overall costs dramatically


A judgment from the Small Claims Court is enforceable for 15 years. If a defendant does not file a defence to a claim after being served, the defendant may be noted in default Upon receipt of a claim a defendant who disagrees with it should file a defence with the court The monetary limit of the Ontario Small Claims Court is presently $10,000 (effective January 1, 2010 the monetary limit will become $25,000). Want to know more ? Call us now on 905-276-8888


Canada’s permanent residents require demonstrating their presence in Canada for a total of three years, along with other criteria, to become a citizen. Three departments have been historically responsible for Immigration Policy in Canada: the Department of Citizenship and Immigration, the Department of Manpower and Immigration and the Canada Employment and Immigration Commission. Want to know more ? Call us now on 905-276-8888


You do not need to be present for the notary public to make a certified copy, however when making certified copies of an original document, the Notary Public only needs to see the original of the document to be certified. A Notary Public can witness an agreement, so that if there is ever a dispute about the signing of an agreement, a notary public's stamp and signature can be used as evidence of the signing of the agreement. DO NOT SIGN your document until you are in front of a notary public or commissioner of oaths. Want to know more ? Call us now on 905-276-8888